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Tree (the mirror of my mind).jpg

The tree is the mirror of my mind 

Tree (a good tree bears good fruit).jpg

A good tree bears good fruit

Hope(Red Bird).jpg


Make a wish.jpg

Make a wish

A picture from my daughter.jpg

I miss you

Where my story begins.jpg

Where my story begins...

Stars are always there.jpg

Stars are always there...



Tree (My fall bucket list 'be happy')_sm

My fall bucket list

Blue Tree.jpg

Blue became a tree...


冬至 (Dongji)

The Beauty of My Dream.jpg

I believe in the beauty of my dream

Winter Tree.jpg

One winter day


Trust yourself

The Memory of the Leaves.jpg

Read the memory of the leaves...

Just smile and Keep going.jpg
Flower Bush.jpg
I hope you feel beautiful today.jpg
Just Be Happy.jpg
Holding hands with the stars.jpg
Planting a tree.jpg
Be the reason someone smiles today.jpg
My Book.jpg

My book

Walking under autumn leaves.jpg

Walking under autumn leaves...

Fall In the Air.jpg

I feel fall in the air

Don't worry Be happy.jpg

Don't worry Be happy

My Dear Son,.jpg

My Dear son,

Only One Love.jpg

Only one love

Value of our Love.jpg

The true value of our love...

To My Dearest Daughter.jpg

To my dearest daughter,

Falling in Love.jpg

Every time I see you

Wind blowing.jpg

Wind blowing through my hair

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